Used Camera Drive (CLOSED)

Remember life before your iPhone, when you used to take your little point and shoot digital camera everywhere?  Is that same camera sitting in the back a drawer somewhere gathering dust?  Do you want to give that camera a second life and help children at the same time?

We are holding a used camera drive with the Muskoka Foundation to support their photography workshops for children in need of a creative outlet. We’ll bring the cameras to Granada, Nicaragua where we’ll be teaching a photography workshop to the kids.  With your help, we’ll be able to leave the cameras with them so they can continue to be creative.

The School of Comedy and Mime is an innovative project to educate the young people of Granada who are in precarious family situations where poverty, drug abuse, physical/sexual abuse, gangs and other criminal activity are an unfortunate part of daily life. Through theatre, clowning, mime and circus skills students will discover how to respect themselves and others when taught that they can make a living through art.

The school has a multidisciplinary character that includes performing, comedy, mime, clowning, juggling, acrobatics, puppetry, English, computers, accounting, marketing, and art and entertainment management (with your help, we can add photography to this long list). Through this integrated curriculum, students are involved in the physical aspects of art and the skills of craftsmanship, as well as unique approaches that will help them improve study skills through individual and cooperative learning techniques.

We are looking for used DSLR or point and shoot digital cameras that have the following:

  • Manual Capability (F-stop and Aperture control, Program Setting, ISO and White Balance Control etc.)
  • Minumum of 8MB
  • Maximum 5 years old
  • Battery and charger functioning and included
  • Any cables and manuals that can be provided are appreciated but this is not mandatory

If you are interested in donating a camera (or two!), please email us at  If you don’t have a camera but still want to help, please consider supporting our Volunteer Fund.  Thank you in advance for your generosity!

So far we have collected FIVE cameras!

Thank you: Hani Shafi – Jane Clifton – Jo Marie Upegui – Lorna Palmer

2 thoughts on “Used Camera Drive (CLOSED)

  1. Juergen | dare2go

    Gosh, I like the idea as such, but I feel offended at the same time…
    I still shoot ALL our photos with a point-and-shoot camera well BELOW all your specs and wishes… Mine is a Nikon S10 from 2006, has only 6mB, no F-stop and aperture control (but ISO and white balance), yet most people think I would own a big DSLR for the quality of photos we publish on our blog…
    So you’re telling me my camera is crap and NOBODY would ever wanna have it?

    1. Neli Post author

      Why do you feel offended? The camera drive is actually over, it ended before we left on the trip, we should update this page, huh!? But anyway, the requirements came directly from Muskoka, not us.


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