Very Important People

We have spent about a year planning our Big Adventure and would be remiss if we didn’t say a special thank you to our families and friends who have not only had to listen to us talk about the trip for, well… a year, but have helped us make this dream a reality!

Lorna and David P.:  Thank you for always encouraging me to follow my dreams, even when it meant quitting my hellish job (which quickly turned into deciding to sell all of our possessions, live in a truck and drive to Panama) and for teaching me through example what a truly generous spirit looks like!  The list of things you’ve done to help us with this trip would take up the entire page so I won’t list them here, but I hope you really really REALLY understand how much your support (emotional, financial, even the occasional kick up the bum) has meant to me and Jason!  I hope that after 38 years of watching over me, that I’ve grown into not just a daughter that you’re proud of, but someone you’d want to be friends with if you weren’t my Mum & Dad.  I love you both so so SO much! xo xo Tor

Amber G. and Brice C.: You’re both probably sick of hearing how much we love the stools, but seriously, they’re awesome! We loved the going away dinner you made us… Vic’s still talking about the peaches so we’re definitely going to try to recreate them on the road.  Neli’s mad we won’t give her your treats until we hit the road, but we’re saving the wine and bourbon until then so it only seemed fair.  Miss you guys already, hope we can figure out a Mexico meet-up! xo

Di and Roger C.:  Our new friends who now feel like family!  Thank you for hosting us in San Francisco!  We can’t wait to come back and see you all soon! xo

Erik V.:  Dude!  Thank you SO MUCH for letting us crash in your apartment!  The dogs loved having carpet and we loved having a shower and a place to crash all to ourselves.  You are the bestest!

Gail and Samantha T.:  A huge shout out to Jason’s family who put us up for a few days in Carlsbad as we ran around like crazy people right before we crossed the border!  Special thanks again for letting us crash outside your Oceanside house when we first got back to the USA, you made re-entry a little bit easier!  Love you all! xo

Jean T.: Thank you for the lovely bon voyage card and cerveza money!  We will be thinking of you every time we have a cold beer in Baja and wishing you were with us!  Come visit us, please! Love you lots, Auntie Jean! xo xo

Karyn L.F. (and Devon F.):  Thank you ladies for giving up your driveway (and room to learn to ride a bicycle).  You guys are truly rockstars and we don’t know where we would be without your friendship.

Katie L. and Mike F.: The hosts with the most!  Thank you for giving up your parking spots and letting us use your house as home base when we first returned to Venice.  We we so happy to see you again and to finally get to know Marley (the only kid on the planet Vic actually likes!).  Love you all! xx

Lydia W.:  A big thank you to one of our favorite NYC gals for hooking us up with discounted apple products.  You are a rockstar friend and we miss you already! xo

Simon M. and Matt G.: Two of our super-star neighbors who kindly lent us their driveways to park our rig in our not-so-parking-friendly neighborhood.  Thanks again, guys!

Tanya and Sean M.: We don’t even know how to begin to say thank you for letting us stay at your house for over a month!  What? We loved our time that we stayed there, especially the snuggles from Archie. xx

Toby, John, Lulu and Zelda A.: A giant thank you to you all for giving us a place to park our rig and making us an amazing dinner (complete with ice-cream sundaes)!  Our night at your house was one of our favorites during our time in California, thank you so much! xo

We also want to give a big shout out to everyone who donated to our Volunteer Fund:

Keara A. – Karyn L.F. – Lanni I. – Lotti P.K. – Suzanne K. – Tim W.

3 thoughts on “Very Important People

  1. Cindy Neivert

    Victoria, Jason Neli
    So great for you to be On The Road!
    Check out last weeks travel sec. NyTimes
    Kerouac’s Mexico!
    Thinking of you with love, following your great adventures!
    Cindy and Craig

    1. Neli Post author

      Cindy! Hi! Thank’s for the tip, that sounds great and we will definitely check it out! When we were in Big Sur I was reading Kerouac’s Big Sur (of course), there’s a definite Kerouac theme around here these days. Hope you are both well. Love from Mexico! Victoria, Jason & Neli xx

  2. Petr Meloun

    Ho Neli’s family 🙂
    We would like to thank you for your blog which helped us a lot with border crossing with our two chihuahuas!
    Where are you going next to in 2 days?
    Petr & Misha & two barking dogs 🙂


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