Good Dog?

If you think I’ve been a good dog, you can donate here to buy me a treat.  I’m sure Victoria and Jason would love a cold beer too!

2 thoughts on “Good Dog?

  1. Rebecca

    Hello! We are a young swiss couple which where looking for a spot to spend 2 nights around L.A. and we found your insert on IOverlander.

    But first something about us, we are Luca and Rebecca, a couple from Switzerland which is traveling across North America with a mini van, we are on the road since May this year and we hope to spend minimum other 6 month in this way:)

    We would like to ask you if you can host us tomorrow and the day after, so we can take a little brake organise the next weeks but more then all we hope to have some good chat with you and share some knowledge about this kind of traveling.

    Also if possible we will be really thankful if we can do our wash 😀

    Ps. We love dogs!

    Thank you for answer and best regards

    Rebecca and Luca


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