Belize/Guatemala Border Crossing With A Dog

The border crossing between Belize and Guatemala was super easy, it took us about an hour. Everyone spoke English in both countries.

Documents needed

  • We needed:

    • Passports, plus one copy

    • Drivers License, plus one copy

    • Truck Title, plus one copy

    • Truck Registration, plus one copy

    • NOTE: We stopped before the border to make copies, it was 2.50 BZD for all the copies

  • Neli needed:

    • International Health Certificate from the US

    • Health Certificate from Mexico

  • Valid Rabies Vaccination Certificate (not more than a year old, not less than 30 days)

  • Vaccination Record

Exit Belize

  • Park in front of the large building, try to ignore the helpers.

  • Belize Immigration

    • At the first desk you come to you will pay your Exit Fee. 37.50 BZD

    • At the second desk they will stamp you out of Belize. Make sure you get this stamp as if you try to come back into Belize without the stamp it will be a hassle (according to the border agent we spoke with).

    • Go through the door to the left of Immigration to continue to BAHA and Customs

  • BAHA Office

    • At the office on the left in front of Customs, hand in your Belizean Landing Permit. No Fee.

  • Belize Customs

    • Here you will hand in your Import Form and they will stamp your vehicle out in the driver’s passport. No inspection, No Fee.

Enter Guatemala

  • Fumigation

    • Drive through Fumigation Garage, make sure your windows are rolled up.

    • Try to ignore the helpers, park over on the left and walk back to the small office across the street to pay for the fumigation. 40 Q, keep receipt.

      • NOTE: Double check the information on receipt as they messed up our license plate number.

    • If you are traveling with a dog, in this same office they will stamp whatever documents you have. We do not have a Doggie Passport so they just stamped everything we gave them without actually looking at anthing. No Fee.

  • Guatemala Immigration

    • Across the street from the Fumigation Office, is a large open-air building. Immigration is to the far right. They will stamp your passports and the copies of your passports. No Fee.

      • NOTE: We had heard that come people were charged 30Q/person here but we did not get asked for anything

  • Belize Customs

    • The desk right next to Immigrations is Customs.

    • Hand in your passports and copies, show them your Title and give them the copy

    • They will give you a form to fill out by hand and then enter everything into the computer. This is where we noticed the Fumigation Receipt was incorrect but the Customs Agent just shrugged it off and updated everything in the computer.

    • Pay Vehicle Import at the Banjercito (small window by Immigration, look for the man with the large gun). 160Q

    • Take receipt from Banjercito back to Customs to receive Import Permit.

    • Customs Agent will walk out to your vehicle, look at VIN and stick the permit on your vehicle.

  • Inspection Gate

    • Someone will take your Import Permit, look at your license plate, walk into a small brown hut, come back a few minutes later and tell you to go. No Fee.

  • Municipal Tax

    • As you drive over the bridge to enter Belize, you will get stopped and asked to pay a Municipal Tax Fee. 50Q

      • We have head this is also a scam for foreign-plated vehicles but we didn’t even bother arguing.

  • Insurance: Insurance is not mandatory in Guatemala, and from all reports next to impossible to obtain. We will update if we find out anything further.

Total Cost: 70 USD

Copies of Passports, etc: 2.50 BZD (1.25 USD)

Belize Exit Fee: 37.50 BZD/person (37.50 USD)

Fumigation: 40 Q (5 USD)

Vehicle Import Fee: 160 Q (20 USD)

Municipal Tax: 50Q (6.25 USD)

2 thoughts on “Belize/Guatemala Border Crossing With A Dog

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  2. Elvi M. Kinga M.

    Good information, even crossing on foot, am glad Kudra and I need no fumigation!
    My dog, unlike Neli traveled by bus or backs of trucks, we have made it from Nayarit all the way to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, and in a few days going toward Belize, then back to Mexico.
    It would have been easier with a vehicle, but I never learned how to drive…
    I am helping her writing her memoir and on FB you can find our adventures at:
    “Donde esta Kudra?/ Where is Kudra?”


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