Wish List for the Next Big Adventure

With all the things we brought with us, it’s hard to imagine that we didn’t think of everything.  After meeting other travelers and being on the road for such a long time, there is a short list of things we will make sure to include next time.

iPod player:  We brought an iPod player with us, actually we have two that we already owned before we planned the trip. One is like a mini-boombox (it cost less than 20 dollars from Bed Bath & Beyond and it’s pink!) but it needs to be plugged in which doesn’t do us much good on a deserted beach or in the middle of a jungle.  The other one is a (very old) little ball that runs off the battery in your iPod, but it doesn’t get very loud.  Since music is so important to us both, next time we would invest in something better.  Any suggestions? Maybe something like this?

Rechargable Batteries: Or better yet, solar rechargeable batteries.  We don’t have a ton of battery-run items but for the things we do have (flashlight, head lamps) we would prefer not to have to buy low-quality replacements, nor contribute to the land-fills (pretty sure batteries aren’t being recycled in most of the places we were).  Next time we’d like to get something from Goal Zero, like their Guide 10 plus Recharger.  Anyone have anything like this?

Waterproof Point and Shoot:  We brought two cameras with us (our Canon and a GoPro) and it does sound excessive to think about adding a third camera, but a waterproof point and shoot would have been great on boat trips, at the beach, tube rides on the river, and basically any time water was involved when we were either afraid of losing our camera or getting it damaged by water.  We ended up rarely using the GoPro, having a little digital point and shoot would have been preferable for us. Who has one they like?

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